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International Business

It is not important whether you intend to start doing business internationally, or you have already been engaged in. The program goal is to support and develop every business.

Details of service:

Comprehensive representation

International communication and legal service

Franchising and start-ups

Business strategy and expansion


Raising funding for your projects

Project management

Process management and control

Business Consulting

Are you sure you conduct business effectively? Are you hiding in the shadow of the crisis and compensating a loss, saying that things will be better next year? We will help you!

Details of service:

Seeking business opportunities

Become the market leader

Legal and tax consultancy

Mistakes cost money

Marketing consultancy

Use efficient tools of promotion

Marketing, Design & Promotion

Good promotion does not have to cost big money, but it should make big money! There are hundreds of possibilities and you should just think. The best type of promotion does not cost anything.

Details of service:

Brand Strategy

Brand building strategy

Marketing applications

Clever promotion doesn't cost a fortune

Web solutions

The cheapest unit of promotion

Online Marketing

Trade on the Internet

DIRTY GIGA Company Description

DIRTY GIGA s.r.o. was established in 2012 with a vision to offer its clients comprehensive services relating to business activities from the basics up to management and administration of individual processes, including promotion.

The goal of DIRTY GIGA s.r.o. is to provide first-class services in international trading, consultancy, marketing, design and promotion, i.e. everything necessary for effective operation of a business. Our objective is to offer direct support to starting as well as stable business activities with high potential.

Every business was small one day, which does not mean that it should be small for good. It is easy – professionalism and a personal approach are common, but it is profit that is the main aim in this branch, and everything is adjusted to make it!


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